How Cloud Telephony Will Benefit SMBs and Startups in 2020?

While most SMBs and startups prepare themselves for disaster situations like software glitches, hardware malfunction or simple administrative errors. But some organizations do not have adequate backup plans. And, I know SMBs and Startups businesses can’t afford telephony disasters. But technology such as cloud telephony gives businesses the opportunity to prepare for a telephony disaster. Yes!! Cloud Telephony Service takes your business to a whole new level, it’s growing handsomely. As per “ExpertRecorder” research, 2020 to 2026 cloud telephony will make an influential expansion in India and globally.

The emergence of cloud telephony technology has changed business communication systems significantly. It provides SMBs and Startups with higher efficiency and magnificent growth. Businesses like SMBs and startups can easily switch from traditional PBX systems to cloud telephony services without installing any hardware infrastructure at office premises. Enhance sales and improve conversion rates are always the major concerns of any business. It can be easily achievable for SMBs and Startups with the help of a cloud telephony solution.

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Here are the benefits which you get after adopting cloud telephony service:

Cost-Effective for SMBs and Startups: Private organizations spend a lot of money on installing hardware equipment for traditional PBX systems. But cloud based business PBX system eliminate the need of old PBX systems. Mostly, SMBs and startups have limited budgets but acquiring cloud telephony service means you will save money. Its business communication app installation gives you easy scalability, faster growth and higher productivity.

Higher Productivity that Everybody Wants: With the help of virtual phone systems, industries will not miss a single call from their customers. It allows enterprises to communicate with customers and employees from anywhere at any time. If you are at home or traveling, it doesn’t matter. You can comfortably address your customers. Rather, it will enhance your business productivity.

Enhance Business Reputation: The purpose of cloud telephony is to automate your business communication system which allows you to be available 24 * 7 to your customers. Your customers will recognize you as a professional enterprise that is efficiently managed, just like an MNCs company. Responding to every call and addressing their issues with warm greetings will enhance your business reputation.

Easy Integrations With Applications: Without integration features, we cannot even imagine cloud telephony. But cloud telephony easily integrates with different CRMs such as Sugar, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheet, Zoho and other applications. Hence, business integration process increases the ability of employees to work remotely and share files.

Business Call Analytics Reports: With the help of business call analytics reports, Enterprises can access all incoming and outgoing call information and Messages received/sent by the team. Its analytics reports provide you with statistics info such as call flow volume, avg. call time, cost per call and so on. SMBs and Startups also track and record the employee’s performance.

Cloud telephony has the ability to scale the operations of SMBs and startups. It will help you to run your business smoothly. However, If you are facing issues related to business communication, then cloud telephony is the perfect solution to all your concerns. I know it is alway challenging to find out the right expertise but you just need to hire the best cloud telephony service provider.


What are the latest trends in Unified Communications as a Service (UCAAS)?

It was noticed in 2019 in India that UCaaS services have the potential to transform the business communications system and many marketing analysts observed that Unified Communications (UC) model’s collaboration capability tremendously enhances the SME’s and Startup productivity. Now it’s a time to look into the year 2020 to see the trends in the market and know the reason why businesses are adopting it:

Team Collaboration: Unified communications have digital abilities that allow companies to deliver the best services externally and internally. It’s team collaboration features enhance the performance of the employee and management. It helps users to coordinate with the teammates and clients to resolve the business challenges create individual work space then have workflows and data added to it. Collaboration also helps to maintain and manage the workflow through open communication and coordination among concerned individuals and teams.

Video or Audio for more than just conferencing: Another feature called video conferencing has increased collaboration up to 25% while Audio conferencing has increased up to 37% at the beginning of 2019. It enables two users to communicate through video or audio conferences to share the information. It is very useful for both domestic and international clients that show your professionalism and increase business productivity.

Application and workflow integration: UCaaS solutions have enhanced the option for business process integration that has improved customer services and streamlined the organisation’s workflow. It’s reporting and call management features are popular among the users. It allows SMEs to access to the information that enables them to gain a competitive edge and help them to make better decisions.

UCaaS and Security Role: If you are concerned about the cyber threat, don’t worry UCaaS security strategy includes audits, mandated use of encryption, monitoring, penetration testing, patching, and firewalls or application gateways capable of recognising UCC traffic and protecting against attacks.

Unified communications become cloud-first: As per my research study, 67% of companies have adopted Cloud UCaaS for their business. SMEs and startups are leaning to host UCaaS providers as they are providing cost-effective services that are quite flexible for customers.

I know the above give trends are “talk of the organisations” and gaining more popularity day by day. So, its better to choose UCaaS Solution to accelerate the productivity of those users who are using unified communications for their business.


Remote Working Platform: The Next Future of Businesses

As we know that today, remote working solutions have become the lifeline of every business. And it should be, after the outbreak of COVID 19. Many countries have closed their borders to reduce the impact of coronavirus, due to which businesses can be affected. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many enterprises to use work from home strategy to maintain their business productivity.

Previously, businesses such as SMBs and startups did not emphasize their employees for remote working. They completely ignored remote working ideas before the COVID 19 situation. But after the lock down in many countries, Companies want to continue their work. Hence, communications technology has advanced to the point where some businesses can start their work from home with the help of remote working platforms.

remote working platform

Currently remote working solutions are highly in demand. Thanks to unified communications (UC) technology, It’s collaboration feature enables employees and management to easily communicate with each other and share information in real-time, no matter where you are. UC has given exposure to enterprises of all sizes across the world. And, it seems that remote work concepts will be the future of businesses. Let’s understand why people are preferring the concept of working from home:

Flexible Lifestyle: The most popular advantage of a remote working platform is that it gives you a flexible lifestyle. And, that allows you to spend more time with your family. You can also easily manage your time between work, hobbies, travel, family, and kids.

Familiar with remote working platforms: We are living in a new era of hyper mobility. And as per PWC, 64% of millennials like to prefer the opportunity to work from home. Today remote working solutions are very familiar among freelancers such as graphic designers, web developers, digital marketing experts, bloggers and content writers. They just require a high internet speed. 

More Focused on Work: Innovation does not just happen only in meeting rooms. But, if you are working from home, then you are more focused towards your work. It will encourage you to think better and effective.

Health Benefits: It’s less stressful if used in a disciplined manner. You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the freedom that comes with remote work. Healthy eating and exercise can be a part of routine life.

The way we are moving towards the future. It seems that soon the remote working platform will gain more popularity. I feel the above given information has enough potential to prove you that remote working can be the future of many businesses.


How Can Your Business Overcome From COVID19 Affect?

As we know coronavirus is spreading globally at a rapid rate. It has been reported by media such as newspapers, TV, radios that most of the established brands, SMBs, and startups industries are being affected by COVID19 across the world. And in India, many non-IT organizations have no clue about the situation, how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect the business. The way it is increasing, it looks like Indian enterprises especially non-IT SMBs and Startups will struggle to deal with COVID19 circumstances.

Globally, many organizations have adopted work from home or remote working concepts to avoid this situation. But, as per Gartner report, In India, 54% of organizations do not have sufficient technology and resources that can help them to overcome this situation. But still, there is a way for companies that remote working ideas will reduce the coronavirus’s effect on business productivity.

Let me tell you that remote working technology is a part of unified communications as a service (UCaaS). It’s not very expensive, any type of business whether a brand, SMBs or Startups can choose the unified communications based technology. This technology has powerful features that enable users to work from anywhere at any time. It helps enterprises to collaborate with employees of various departments, with customers in an effective and efficient manner.

If you have used a unified communication solution, COVID 19 will have less impact on your business. It has multiple features that can centralize your business communication in a hub easily. Let understand its features more deeply:

Audio Conferencing Feature: Its objective is to enhance business communication and collaboration between enterprises, employees and customers. The automation software enables two or more users located in different places to collaborate and communicate.

Video/Web Conferencing: Video conferencing is a modern technology that SMBs and startups can use to increase business efficiency. It will allow companies to make video and audio call transmission in real-time that will improve business communications and collaboration simultaneously. It will also help organizations to minimize the traveling cost of employees.

Instant Messaging For Business: Unified Communication allows users to send and receive text messages without delay through online chats just like WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger. It will reduce the communication gap between team members and improve business productivity.

File-Sharing: UCaaS based software also has file-sharing capabilities. It allows users to send and receive files anywhere. Flexibility to send files in any format such as .doc, .pdf, etc. makes it more impressive. When you send a file, it will convert your file into an encrypted code that makes your information more secure.

Many organizations have taken several measures to tackle the COVID19 situation. But, in my opinion, remote working is an appropriate way to run a business smoothly and keep your business away from the effect of the coronavirus epidemic.


Why Do You Need A Voice Broadcasting Service?

As we know in the early 90s, people were unaware of the voice broadcasting service, and most enterprises often associated it with spam. This is why voice broadcasting solutions were not as popular. Hence, SMBs and Startups were using SMS marketing, Email Marketing, and Manual calling to target their potential customers. But the voice broadcasting is a versatile method to send a pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of the group without any delay.

Today, many private organizations and political parties are using voice broadcasting services to connect with a large audience through voice broadcasting campaigns. It helps them to make sales, companies internal team briefing, publicize information, collecting feedback and so on.

Here are some sectors where voice broadcasting service is in high demand:

  • In a Government Sector
  • Political Parties are using
  • In Education Sector such as school and university
  • SMBs and Startups Businesses

If you are a startup type of organization, you are wondering how a voice broadcasting solutions can be effective for business. Here are the benefits:

– Appointment Purpose: It’s a cost-effective way when in businesses time-based activities are crucial such as to fix the appointment with the clients or customers. It helps businesses to notify about the schedules. Many organizations can use it to deliver reminders to customers and clients.

– Emergency Broadcast: In some cases, businesses require to send a quick notification to their employees or clients effectively. In these kinds of scenarios, voice broadcasting service is the best way to send a voice message to a large group of people without facing any delay.

– For Political Use: During the voting season, political parties prefer voice broadcasting service to remind their parties members about the important dates and internal briefing. It’s a convenient and affordable strategy for political parties to increase followers and attract people to vote for their political party.

– Survey and Feedback Purpose: It’s a common thing that every industry does. Voice broadcasting solution allows enterprises to send a survey and provides the choice for recipients to speak to a live representative, get perfect insight.

– Promote Special Offers: Automated call feature enables SMBs and Startups to promote their best offers, coupons, discounts to the customers.

I hope the above brief information about voice broadcasting service can help you to improve business productivity. If you’re unable to choose a voice broadcasting service provider in India, I can suggest a company name “CloudConnect”. With the help of a business process integration strategy, they transformed many SMBs and Startups’ business operations. And, Voice broadcasting is the best example of it.


Top 5 Companies Who Encourage Remote Working To Prevent COVID19 Outrage

As we know COVID19 is a deadly virus that spreading rapidly in many countries and thousands of innocent people have been died by this virus. Because of COVID19, People are taking care of their family members and reduced social gatherings. Therefore, it’s affecting the business productivity of many SMBs and startups. Keeping this in mind, many organisations across the world have taken the necessary steps to run their business smoothly in an efficient and effective way despite the corona virus threat. Because of the threat, Private enterprises have started work from home and adopted cloud-based unified communications solutions. This technology allows employees to work from anywhere at any time with the help of a remote working platform. It’s the best solution for SMBs and Startups to reduce COVID 19 effect and avoid falling sick.

Let’s take a look at those top 5 Companies who initiate in the remote working concept: 


Mostly, people are familiar with the Microsoft company. They are one of the leading tech organisation that offers office productivity applications. It has both international and domestic clients. Currently preferring work from home concepts because of the Corona virus outbreak. 


India’s first Business to Business DOT-licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO). They provide business communications solutions to SMEs, Startups, and brands. They also allow its employees to work from home to avoid COVID19 risks. 


It’s one of the reputed companies in the video game world and located in china. They asked their employee’s in Mainland China to work from home. It will help the user to simplify and personalise customer interaction. Read More:

Role of Toll Free Number Service in Business

Toll free number service can play an important role in any business productivity. Some startup businesses have different opinions on toll-free numbers, such as it is made only for SMEs and established brands. But, Let me tell you that it does not matter if you are running a small or big business. If you have not yet taken a toll-free number service, then you are making a mistake. And, mistakes can easily ruin any business. 

As business evolves, the customer call flow will also increase. And, we know that meeting the needs of customers is always a high priority for any business. Therefore, having a cloud-based toll free number will prove you valuable. It can help you to resolve your customer issues easily when they face any problem related to services or products.

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Thanks to technological advancement, services that are cloud-based such as cloud telephony, click to call, PBX on Cloud, Voice broadcasting, toll-free number and so on has greatly impacted customer services. And, toll-free numbers have proved to be a big hit in the business world. Let’s discuss its benefits in more details: 

– Enhance Customer Experience: Have you ever called the customer support center for product or service related queries? if yes! Then you too must have experienced that most of your questions were not answered. I know that customers get disappointed when the right solution is not given. But cloud-based toll free number service enhances customer service and allows users to connect with the concerned department after dialing a few keys. It’s the most convenient way for users to reach the customer support center and get their queries answered.

– Credibility & Portability: Toll-Free number is a perfect solution for enterprises of all sizes, especially for SMEs and Startups. It provides reliability to your business and improves business reputation in the market. It also enables users to access the company’s customer support center from anywhere without spending money.

– Best Tool for Marketing: With the help of a cloud-based toll free number, enterprises can use it for marketing purposes. Actually, it will work as a marketing tool and enables you to create multiple extensions through which you can easily track your marketing campaigns.

– Business Presence: Both local and national callers can easily reach you. But for international purposes, there may be some restrictions in using toll free number. It may cause you to pay an extra charge but available for international markets. Suppose you have a service-based business or an online store that has a national and international presence, Therefore it is necessary to have a toll free number.

– Cost-Effective: It’s a free service offered by the businesses to its customers. A cloud-based toll-free number system requires the hassle-free set up at a very low price. It’s a perfect solution for all types of organizations.

– Easy To Remember: Mostly, toll-free numbers start from 1800 or 0800. Therefore, it is easy to remember these types of phone numbers. It gives customers the opportunity to make more calls so that more sales can be generated.

As a blogger, I feel having a toll free number service is crucial for any business in a competitive market. It attracts your customer’s attention. Businesses such as SMBs and Startups can take toll free numbers and enhance the customer experience. Source:

Why Hosted IVR Useful for Business?

In a competitive marketplace customer satisfaction always matters for business. And, bad customer experience ruins the business’s brand value. It does not matter if you are an SMB or startup and deal with B2B or B2C services. As an organization, the important thing is to provide better customer support and succeed quickly. For this reason, businesses must apply business process integration concepts with the best available technology such as Hosted IVR Solution. But many enterprises are still using traditional telephony systems, which means they are spending a lot of money on their infrastructure. Therefore, a hosted IVR system can be a better option to avoid expenses and deliver outstanding customer support services.

However, in the past, the IVR concept was not so popular, but due to technological advancement, businesses would like to make Hosted IVR as their first choice. But before that, you need to understand the meaning of the Hosted IVR system. The word “IVR” stands for “Interactive Voice Responses” an automated voice system whose work is to allow interaction with the callers and computerized voice system that assist them. Due to technological transformation, some IVR systems are so advanced that they operate on voice recognition and interact with the customer through a voice response instead of a dial pad response.

Let’s discuss more in detail that how hosted IVR solutions can be beneficial for business:

Personalize Your Customer Support: You can personalize the IVR system according to business requirements. So that your customers can be greeted effectively which helps businesses to build strong and healthy relationships with customers for the long term.

Enhances Quality Service: We know that if customer issues are not resolved on time, it affects the business. However, companies want customer problems to be resolved in the first conversation. In such situations, the Hosted IVR solution is very useful. It allows your customers to connect with the desired department so that their problems can be solved in the very first attempt. It also ensures that your customers get the correct solution quickly. Know more:

How Can UCaaS Solution Benefit Education Industry?

UCaaS based solution is pearless, It is also known as Unified Communications as a Service. It simplifies and consolidates business communication systems, allows users to manage telephones extensions with the help of cloud technology. UCaaS solution is a cloud-based model that consists of various communication products. While adopting Unified Communications Services you have to customize UCaaS products according to the requirements of the business. It does not matter whether you belong to the eCommerce, hospitality, entertainment, education industry and so on.

If you have noticed that today unified communications steadily improving the education sector and taking it to a whole new level. Whether it’s with cloud telephony services, audio/video conferencing or voice broadcasting solutions, etc. today’s higher education depends upon UCaaS communication technology to pleased users’ expectations. UCaaS users receive a software application that can be customized as per their business requirements. UCaaS features enable you to help elementary schools, private colleges or government institutes. Here are basic tools that make unified communication and collaboration popular:

– Audio and Video Conferencing solution

– Instant Messaging Such as Text Messages, Emails, and Voicemail

– Cloud PBX feature on Smartphones

– Its application to transform business communication process

If you have not adopted it yet, it is time to consider it because the UCaaS solution ensures the flow of information between education institutes, students and parents. Here is the reason that how UCaaS based solutions can improve general communication issues in the education sector:

Notify About Student’s Absence: As we know, Attendances are important for students. UCaaS based service allows parents to send instant messages and notify the education institute about the student’s absence with a reason. It is most convenient for parents to convey their messages without visiting the premises… Know More:

Why is the Unified Communications Platform Important?

As technology transforms, why not your business? Any business, whatever the size is, can’t succeed without an excellent business communications system. The unified communications service provides the perfect platform for all types of industries to enhance their business communications. It changes the way businesses communicate with their clients with ease.

In modern-day business, If organizations need to grow faster with better and less expensive solutions, Unified Communication (UC) is a good option to adopt and stay positive in a competitive environment. Let’s go more deeply to understand UC platform importance in all types of businesses:

Unified Communications and its Collaboration Feature

Technically, Unified Communications and Collaboration is a set of multiple tools that provides a platform for users to communicate with each other. It ensures all technological features run together, smoothly and securely. Its multiple features are Cloud Telephony, Audio/Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, Voice emails and so on that allow private enterprises to collaborate with the employees and clients easily and effectively.

Benefits that you’ll get from Unified Communications Services

As I mentioned above, UC is suitable for all businesses. Its real-time communication functionality allows users to access multiple features from portable devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. Here are the other benefits which are mentioned below:

Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness: It enables you to connect and communicate with the management, employees, and clients through a virtual phone system from anywhere at any time. It will help improve employee response time and provide flexibility in work. Know More about the article: