Why Cloud Technology Is Important For Business Growth?

If we talk about cloud technology, it has evolved into a various range of solutions. It ensures you that all business needs are covered after your adoption. But, before that, it is important to understand the meaning of Cloud Technology. The word “cloud” known as Internet-based computing. Hence, “cloud technology” is a type of technology-aided by the Internet. So, the cloud technology means a virtual space that exists over the Internet or on the cloud for storing, accessing and sharing data without using any hardware.

How does it work?

Cloud Technology allows users to use their virtual space to share information and applications through a network. It also enables users to edit documents simultaneously with other users and download files on any smartphones, tablets, and laptops that make their social life more digitalized.

Basically, cloud technology is divided into two ways i.e based on the deployment model and on a service basis. Here we classify cloud as:

Based On Deployment Model

1) Public    2) Private    3) Hybrid    4) Community Cloud

Based On Service

1) IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-Service)  2) PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service) 3) SaaS (Software-as-a Service)

There are some important benefits of Cloud Technology such as no limitation of storage capacity, better scalability facility to the business whenever it is required, disaster recovery solution in a cost-effective manner and enhance collaboration possibilities.

The above points give you a brief detail about cloud technology. It’s only a small part of the Internet, not the whole thing. Let’s discuss another benefit of Cloud technology that enhances SME’s sales and productivity.

After the evolution of cloud technology, Telecom industry transformed their services to deliver cloud-based communication system or automated telephone services to the users to reduce business expenses. Here are some different types of cloud-based communication services:

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS): It’s another form of service which is based on cloud to provide unified communication and collaboration services to the enterprises across multiple channels and devices similar to PaaS. It is very popular for business flexibility and scalability. UCaas has many features such as instant messaging, Online meeting through video conferencing that support team collaboration. It significantly improves the employee’s productivity which is very useful for business.

Cloud PBX on Mobile: When you installed these kinds of application based on your business requirements, you will receive calls and make calls through dedicated extension number whether you are traveling or on parental leave. It allows you to answer your PBX calls at any time from anywhere. Suppose, if you missed any PBX call, the voicemail will give you notification of missed call that makes cloud PBX on mobile far better than cell phones.

While cloud PBX and hosted PBX is slightly different. The key difference is that hosted PBX service is referred to as the provider who runs the physical cloud server from a separate location. The provider needs to manage all hardware equipment.  Otherwise, all feature remains the same.

Click 2 Call: Click-to-Call is one of the popular features of cloud-based communication which also known as Click-for-Talk or Click-to-dial. It enables you to make calls to the customers at the speed of thought. You just need to install a widget on the business website so that the user can dial your number. Therefore, it’s the fastest way to contact an agent without dialing their number from the phone which saves the user time, give a better experience and improves the conversion rate of the enterprise.

Recently, cloud technology has gained popularity and it is expected that the period 2019-2024 is conducive for SMEs business to reduce their CAPEX. Cloud Technology (Cloud Computing) is crucial for all types of business whether you are Startups, SMEs or an established brand. It services eliminate your business load.


How Cloud PBX Is Useful On Mobile Phones?

Experience the Cloud PBX On Mobile Phones

In a business communication system, cloud-based PBX services have made the biggest improvement by replacing traditional PBX systems. It provides all the facilities on one platform and makes SMEs communication very easy and effective. After the technological advancement, cloud PBX on mobile phones allows business owners to stay active (24 * 7) on their devices.

The cloud-based mobile PBX system is a virtual phone system that offers a secure and reliable business communication system to the users through the Internet. The cloud mobile PBX services enable users to use all PBX features on their portable mobile devices. It’s better than a traditional PBX system and revolutionized how SMEs coordinate with their employees or clients, improve team efforts or performances.

Benefits of Having Cloud Mobile PBX Services

Costing: It’s a cost-effective telecommunication solution as you compared to a traditional communication system.

Use of Mobility: With the help of portable devices, you can receive and make calls while traveling or from home.

Simplicity: It’s easy to install, configure and manage.

Easy to Scale: Naturally, every enterprise wants to grow their business. So, The cloud PBX allows businesses to add users when your business is growing.

Enhance Productivity: Web-based interface such as instant chat or video calls can boost your business productivity.

Why Choose Cloud-based PBX?

To transform the telephony system, the newest cloud PBX system have the potential to serve both large and small enterprises. Whether you are Android or iOS users, surely our cloud-based PBX solution enhances your business. Cloud based PBX provides a secure platform through which employers and employees can exchange their words anytime and anywhere. It has the potential to track down and analyze every call of your customer and respond to them professionally.

Through Cloud-based Mobile PBX services, users can make a voice call, audio conferencing, voice + video conferencing and unified communication solution. Here are some cloud mobile PBX system features which you want to know:

Cloud-Based Mobile PBX Features:

  • Extensions
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Logs
  • Busy Ring
  • Conference audio or video call on the fly
  • Call Split
  • Voicemail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Call Detail Report
  • Hunt Group and much more.

If you are interested in Cloud PBX on Mobile, then you need to contact the best Cloud Telephony Provider in Delhi, India. They simply upgrade your existing hard-line of communication to cloud PBX system. Through which you can enhance your business productivity.

Favorite & Least Favorite Cloud Telephony Service Providers

According to recent studies, cloud telephony technology has gained popularity, due to which cloud telephony service providers have benefited from it. With the help of Cloud Telephony Technology, they are vanishing the SME’s complex infrastructure setup of telephone to smoothen day-to-day business communication. But for them managing and maintaining their own services or brand reputation is quite challenging.

Here are some of the SME’s favorite Cloud Telephony Service providers whose market value has declined in India from last year and so.

Knowlarity: It was founded by two genius guys of India in 2009, named Ambarish Gupta or Pallav Pandey to deliver cloud-based communication solutions to private enterprises in Asia and Middle East countries. As Knowlarity grows, their challenges also increases but resolving and managing them on an urgent basis is necessary. They started well in the telecommunication industry but these days their Online market reputation is going down if you go through their Google Reviews, It will give you a clear picture.

As a blogger, I got shocked after reading Knowlarity Google Reviews, which could be harmful to any business. These things should be managed by experts, but it seems that things are running out of their hands. From the SMEs perspective, this is a matter of business, time and money.

Exotel: Another big name who work on cloud telephony platform and provide their services to enterprises, startups, small and medium size of organizations in India and other parts of South-East Asia. It was founded by Shivakumar Ganesan in 2011. Exotel started several products to support SME’s business such as Number masking, Lead Assist, Virtual numbers, IVR, SMS and much more. But developing great products is not enough, understanding the needs of the customer and meeting their needs on time, plays an important role in the development of the business. But if you see the Exotel Google Reviews, you will realize how good they are?

A Review can change the market value of the small business or established brands. Keeping an eye on the customer’s business needs is essential to build a small business as a brand but Ignoring their requirements means losing the market. So, SMEs ignoring Goole review can be harmful to your business, read carefully before hiring them.

MyOperator: Firstly, MyOperator is known as VoiceTree Technologies which was established by Ankit Jain in 2011. In 2013, VoiceTree revived himself as a MyOperator to offer cloud-based communication solutions to SMEs. It has some reputed clients such as Snapdeal, PC Jeweller, Aam Aadmi Party (AAM). It has a good past and awarded by NASSCOM in 2014. MyOperator is going well with their marketing strategy but still, there are so many areas where improvement is required whether you talk about Online or Offline reputation.

If you read MyOperator Google Review, you will understand responding to a negative review is crucial from a business point of view. Your immediate action on a negative review can save your business.

Therefore, the question remains the same, Are they maintaining their Online business reputation…?? Or they are going to be demolished in the future…?? Hoping they do well in their respective fields.

Here are some of the least-favorite SMEs Cloud Telephony Service providers whose market reputation has Improved in India from last year and so.

CloudConnect: CloudConnect Communications Pvt Ltd was established in 2017 and poised to be a DOT Licensed Virtual Network Operator. Their cloud PBX system, Business IP phone service, and Unified Communications and Collaboration are enough capable to boost the productivity of any small or medium enterprise. 

SME’s expectations are always high but sometimes it’s better to hire a startup in place of a big name. You can read CloudConnect’s Google Review. You will notice, they started well and giving high priority to their clients and responding to the reviews on time.

IVR Guru: IVR Guru also offering cloud telephony service to the Indian customers. They are into this field from the last 5 to 6yrs. Their IVR services are the most trustworthy and adopted by many users and delivering what they committed to the clients. Their clients are the heartbeat of their business that’s why they respond to them on time.

As per the recent study of IVR Guru’s Google Review, their clients are getting business satisfaction. Hence, developing a healthy business relationship is essential through which bad times can be managed.

LeadNXT: As per Crunchbase, LeadNXT was founded in 2007. They are delivering Cloud Telephony, Web API and management services to Indian clients to make their business more effective that delivers them positive results. Their wide range of cloud telephony services includes Virtual number service, Toll-free number service, Missed call number service, Fax to email service and much more. These services can easily maximize business productivity that can enhance sales leads. On the other hand, their Online Google Review can easily attract more clients to their business.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Bottom Line: Sometimes, Big brands neglect the importance of review but the truth is something else. A single review can make your business as a brand or destroy your Online reputation. To maintain Online status, the enterprise needs to respond irritated clients as soon as possible, listen to their queries and resolve them on time. Otherwise, spending a lot of money on marketing is worthless.

Why Cloud Telephony Services is Trending in 2019?

As the business environment changes, so the technology. Similarly, It seems Cloud Telephony Services has gained more popularity in 2019 and adopted by many SMEs or SMBs. Basically, people are aware of the old telephony concept but after technological innovation in the Indian market, many businesses show their willingness to accept it. As per the research, the cloud telephony market is estimated to grow rapidly during the period of 2019-2023.

Cloud Telephony Chosen By SMEs

SMEs know the importance of cloud telephony technology and realizes its benefits such as IVR, virtual number, call data analytics, unlimited minutes, call recording facility and so on. Indian entrepreneurs are showing their interest at an early stage of their business. They can easily adapt to cloud telephony services without having any infrastructural or technical assistance.

Here are some factors of cloud telephony technology due to which cloud telephony getting popularity in 2019:

Low In Cost: By adopting Cloud telephony technology, organizations can reduce their costs and manage their communication system without quality compromise. Therefore, through cloud telephony services users can make effective communication with their clients and run their marketing campaigns successfully.

Enhanced Productivity: Cloud telephony has virtual call responsive feature, through which SMEs won’t miss calls of clients. It will make you connect with your clients from anywhere at any time. Hence, when clients impress with your services, it will affect business productivity.

Empower Your Brand Image: With the help of automated communication service, your clients recognize you as a professional organization. Effective call management support and high-quality services enhance your client’s trust. Therefore, it will boost your brand name in local areas and globally.

Scalability: Naturally, every organization wants to grow their business and make their market presence more effective so that they can attract more clients. The cloud telephony services for business is a perfect choice because it allows businesses to add unlimited users extensions when your business is growing.

Integration: Cloud telephony provides support to CRM integration features with Google spreadsheet and other applications to access your customer information. It allows users to connect with their clients whenever is required.

Call Data Analytics: Through Cloud telephony services you can track down every client’s information and your employee’s performance. It provides information such as the volume of calls, missed calls, average call time, cost per call and so on. Therefore, SMEs can identify weakness areas so that they can plan their strategy and execute them in the right direction.

Conclusion: It’s hard to find the correct solution to improve business communication. But cloud telephony services for business is a convenient way to reduce all communication issues and enhance the enterprise’s growth. In 2019, cloud telephony is one of the big things for all SMEs or SMBs to invest and make full use of it.

Unified Communications Prompting Features For SMEs

As we know, the business communication system has transformed from a traditional communication system, i.e way to make and receive phone calls. Many startups or small enterprise believes that unified communication systems are very expensive and it belongs to only large organizations, but it is a myth and traditional communication systems are much costlier. The emergence of technological advancement helped all kinds of enterprises, adopt the new telephony technology and accelerate their business growth. 

What Is Unified Communication?

Unified communication (UC) is a set of technical communication tool that provides a platform from where users can exchange their words from anywhere, anytime, in an efficient and effective way. Unified communication systems have enough powerful qualities through which SMEs can improve their productivity strength and achieve marketing goals.

For many enterprises, especially SMEs, such solutions have become a valuable cost-saving resource and provide excellent scalability along with numerous business benefits. With the help of UC, employer and employees can be able to work more effectively, enhanced better collaboration from different departments.

Features of Unified Communication (UC)

UC is designed in such a way that it centralized all communication system in a hub that makes telecommunication more easy and effective. Here we have mentioned some useful features of unified communication system for SMEs in India:

Mobility Feature: Through the mobility feature, the user can make and receive calls by login into their account and dial the extension number. They can stay connected with each other.

Audio Conference: UC Systems allows sound to be sent and received while hosting employers and employees conference calls.

Video/Web Conference: With the help of Video conferencing, users are capable enough in making video and audio calls in real-time, for the purpose of communication and collaboration simultaneously.

Instant Messaging: UC has the ability of instant messaging through which employees can send or receive messages, similar to online chat.

Faxing: With the help of a faxing facility, users can send online faxes from mobile phones rather than using a dedicated fax machine.

Voice Mail: Voice mail allows users to record, select and deliver voice mail information to a relevant email address or a person.

Using cloud-based unified communication system, make your enterprise’s internal communication much easier for all employees. UC simplify daily activities, reduce cost and save time for enterprises which enhance more productivity. Maybe this is the reason for all SMEs progress.

Cloud Based Enterprise’s Mobile Communications Advantages

Due to the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets have made a great impact on small and medium businesses. These days many organisations have adopted advanced technology i.e cloud-based communication technology which has changed the way to working and enhanced their productivity. But still, It’s often seen many organisations are unaware of it and still using traditional communication systems. The ideal way of adopting a new technology i.e cloud based mobile communication system as part of the business, it is important to know its benefits:

Geo-Location Tracker

With the help of an enterprise mobile communication system, one can track down their employees and communicate with them over video conferencing, audio conferencing or through the instant messaging facility. It has improved the work approach and productivity of the enterprise itself.

Secure Platform

To ensure the security concern, many firms spending a lot of money to secure the flow of information while choosing Cloud Connect PBX System or Virtual PBX saves money and time and gives 100% of the return. They can secure their confidential information from malicious cyber threats, data breach, and data loss and from third parties.

Other Operational Benefits

Here are some other benefits of the cloud based communication system that increases overall productivity, ensures cost reduction, real-time monitoring and faster access to critical information, facilitates collaboration between people at all levels that enhanced customer satisfaction.
So, the bottom line is having a cloud based enterprise mobile communication system is very useful for industries through which they improve the internal communication system.

PBX System: Why It Is Necessary For Business?

Today , it’s quite difficult for small and medium industries to communicate with their employees and it wouldn’t be easy for them to run hundreds of lines for internal communication. But with the help of modern technology like PBX system, Enterprise can communicate internally easily. Here are some useful answers why you should choose PBX system for your business:

Wondering About PBX?

The term PBX system stands for Private Branch Exchange system. PBX system offers switching call facility such as call routing, call management, voicemail and provides an internal communication platform for enterprises without using external lines. 

There are three types of PBX systems available:

Digital PBX System: Digital PBX system work on the cloud. With the help of Digital PBX system, you can manage your data over the Internet and easily work with the existing cell number. It has all the features of traditional PBX system. The digital PBX or cloud PBX system doesn’t require to maintain servers, which makes it very cost effective and easy to handle.

IP PBX System: IP PBX system uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platform for communication. It’s features allows users to use all the elements of  unified communication that includes voicemail to email, instant messaging, video calling and mobility integration. It can easily maintain and manage through web-based configuration interface.

Virtual PBX System: Virtual PBX system also known as Hosted PBX System. If you compared to IP PBX and Digital PBX System, Virtual PBX system is lower in cost and has limited features such as Voicemail, Auto attendant, Unlimited call handling (no busy signals) and Call forwarding.

The PBX system become more important to enhance business growth. It has changed the way of business communication. If you and your employees spent a lot of time in travelling or visiting clients worksite then you must require PBX system to communicate at ease. It will allow you to communicate anytime anywhere whether you are in the office or somewhere else.