How Cloud Telephony Will Benefit SMBs and Startups in 2020?

While most SMBs and startups prepare themselves for disaster situations like software glitches, hardware malfunction or simple administrative errors. But some organizations do not have adequate backup plans. And, I know SMBs and Startups businesses can’t afford telephony disasters. But technology such as cloud telephony gives businesses the opportunity to prepare for a telephony disaster. Yes!! Cloud Telephony Service takes your business to a whole new level, it’s growing handsomely. As per “ExpertRecorder” research, 2020 to 2026 cloud telephony will make an influential expansion in India and globally.

The emergence of cloud telephony technology has changed business communication systems significantly. It provides SMBs and Startups with higher efficiency and magnificent growth. Businesses like SMBs and startups can easily switch from traditional PBX systems to cloud telephony services without installing any hardware infrastructure at office premises. Enhance sales and improve conversion rates are always the major concerns of any business. It can be easily achievable for SMBs and Startups with the help of a cloud telephony solution.

Here are the benefits which you get after adopting cloud telephony service:

Cost-Effective for SMBs and Startups: Private organizations spend a lot of money on installing hardware equipment for traditional PBX systems. But cloud based business PBX system eliminate the need of old PBX systems. Mostly, SMBs and startups have limited budgets but acquiring cloud telephony service means you will save money. Its business communication app installation gives you easy scalability, faster growth and higher productivity.

Higher Productivity that Everybody Wants: With the help of virtual phone systems, industries will not miss a single call from their customers. It allows enterprises to communicate with customers and employees from anywhere at any time. If you are at home or traveling, it doesn’t matter. You can comfortably address your customers. Rather, it will enhance your business productivity…Know More:

Why is the Unified Communications Platform Important?

As technology transforms, why not your business? Any business, whatever the size is, can’t succeed without an excellent business communications system. The unified communications service provides the perfect platform for all types of industries to enhance their business communications. It changes the way businesses communicate with their clients with ease.

In modern-day business, If organizations need to grow faster with better and less expensive solutions, Unified Communication (UC) is a good option to adopt and stay positive in a competitive environment. Let’s go more deeply to understand UC platform importance in all types of businesses:

Unified Communications and its Collaboration Feature

Technically, Unified Communications and Collaboration is a set of multiple tools that provides a platform for users to communicate with each other. It ensures all technological features run together, smoothly and securely. Its multiple features are Cloud Telephony, Audio/Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, Voice emails and so on that allow private enterprises to collaborate with the employees and clients easily and effectively.

Benefits that you’ll get from Unified Communications Services

As I mentioned above, UC is suitable for all businesses. Its real-time communication functionality allows users to access multiple features from portable devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. Here are the other benefits which are mentioned below:

Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness: It enables you to connect and communicate with the management, employees, and clients through a virtual phone system from anywhere at any time. It will help improve employee response time and provide flexibility in work. Know More about the article:

Why Cloud Telephony is Suitable for All Businesses?

Whether you are an IT-based organization or any other business, no matter what business you do, Important is what you do to improve it. As time changes, business and technology also change. A few decades ago businesses were using a traditional PBX system for business communication purposes. But after technological progress, the cloud telephony solution was introduced. Gradually, but people have become aware of its features and now every businessman wants to grow his business with the help of cloud telephony.

The cloud telephony solution is capable enough to transform business communications to benefit businesses. But in 2019, cloud telephony gained popularity, due to which businesses adopt it to empower their workflows. It seems that SMBs and startups can make full use of cloud telephony technology to establish their business reputation in front of their customers.

Indian businesses like eCommerce, Healthcare Sector, Entertainment Industry, Hospitality Sector, etc. can adopt cloud telephony service to manage their business calls more effectively through a call management system. It’s a highly influential way to drive customer’s attention and engagement especially when the lead conversion is on high priority. Cloud telephony takes your customer interaction to a whole new level and allows you to manage all business inbound and outbound calls.

Today, it’s a time of digital world and every customer is smart which enhances the competition level among the competitors. Therefore, the cloud-based calling system can be a great source of profit for businesses. In previous days, the PBX system required a huge investment in hardware setup at office premises but today you have to spend less money. Several businesses have started using cloud telephony services to boost business productivity and enhance business reputation. Your small investment gives you multiple benefits which I have mentioned below:

Enable Remote Working Environment

Its virtual phone system remote working feature enables businesses to take calls from any devices and allows users to use all features such as voicemail, call forwarding, audio/video conferencing, incoming/outgoing call details and so on. These kinds of features help employees to coordinate with the team members or with customers in a smooth way.

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How did the Cloud Telephony System Begin?

Before I begin with the cloud telephony system, I would like to start with the “telephone” which was invented by “Alexander Bell” a few decades ago. The telephone device is used to transfer sound and electrical waves from one phone system to another. The telephone has two major parts called a microphone and speaker. In the beginning, some phone system requires a telephone operator that connects calls between users. Slowly, but it became popular and people used the telephone for business purposes to communicate with the customers to increase business productivity.

As Technology transform, so does the telephony system. Now, these days Cloud telephony is getting popularity in the business world. Many marketing analysts believe that cloud telephony solutions are the new face of the telephone system. It’s a wonderful opportunity for small and startup businesses to adopt cloud telephony services for lead generation and customer engagement. But you need to understand the concept of cloud telephony.

The Cloud Telephony requires a business communications app that was managed and hosted by service providers. It requires servers, switching, routing systems, SIP trunk, etc. to manage all types of inbound and outbound calls. It’s the best option to replace a traditional PBX system. Cloud-based business PBX system gives you entire business call-related insights into one app that allows enterprises to monitor calls more easily and effectively…Read more; Source:

Facts About Unified Communications & Collaboration

The term Unified Communications (UC) is a group of technical communication tools that help enterprise’s management and employees to collaborate and effectively exchange ideas. It’s not necessarily that unified communications and collaboration is a single product. Rather unified communications is a set of products that gives a unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and media types.

The scope of unified communication is vast and its interactive system has multiple features. With the help of unified communications and collaboration applications, users can access real-time unified messaging that includes emails/voice emails, audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, fax and so on. UC solution is a perfect match for marketing when it’s a matter of business ROI. However, many marketing experts are hoping that between 2019-2026, private companies, especially SMBs and startups are going to adopt this technology.

An ideal UC application smooths the business workflow between the management, employees, and the customers that saves both time & money. Its application provides various communication methods within the business to support multiple tasks from back-end and front-end to facilitate users:

Front-End Features:

  • Facilitates voice/video calls or voice/video conferencing
  • Text application for Instant SMS and chat

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Top 7 Unified Communications Service Providers

The term Unified Communications (UC) if you’ve not heard about its concept, capabilities, and features. Let me tell you that it is believed that UC has evolved from a traditional PBX communication system or business telephone system. In the business world, unified communications objective is to reduce the dependency on traditional phone system and improve the internal and external business communications of SMEs and Startups. In an era of digital, Unified communication service (UCaaS) gives your business the marketing pace in a competitive world.

Unified communications feature called collaboration has the ability to simplify the workflow and improve the performance of enterprises. So, including unified communications service is a better option to get business-oriented results. However, no matter whether you are a small, medium or a well-established brand, any organization can use this opportunity, but the important thing is to hire the best unified communications solutions providers within the budget.

Here is the list for you:

Arkadin Cloud Communications: Their head office is located in Paris and spread almost every region. They’re into unified communication solutions and delivers you comprehensive, customer-centric services to all types of businesses.

CloudConnect: CloudConnect is India’s DoT Licensed Virtual Network Operator and also known as the first and best cloud telephony service provider in India which means they’re into unified communication, video/audio conferencing and so on. To know more click here.

Why Should I Choose a Cloud Telephony Service for Business?

In the early days, the Telephone system required an operator whose job was to connect calls between users but after technological progress, now users can easily connect their calls by dialing a few numbers. The telephone, as we know it, was invented by “Alexander Graham Bell” for traditional communication purposes. Just a few decades before the cloud telephony service, traditional PBX systems were used by businesses, which was quite expensive. In previous days, SMEs and Startups required significant investment to install the Physical PBX system in various office locations. But today, cloud telephony is the most popular subject in the business world for lead generation and customer engagement.

Because of Cloud telephony, Now it possible for SMBs and Startups to analyze the voice workflows without using any Physical PBX system. Cloud telephony technology has transformed the traditional phone system to a business PBX system which has cloud based calling service. Cloud telephony service for business made it simple for private enterprises to handle and understand the telephony functionality such as make and receive calls, call transfer, click to call, audio and video conference and so on. Here are some important factors that will encourage you to adopt this technology:

Business Process Integration: With the help of cloud telephony technology, enterprises integrate everyday communications with business communication apps that increase the efficiency of the business process. As a result, business process integration enhances automation feature in the workflow and improve business productivity…Know More