What are the latest trends in Unified Communications as a Service (UCAAS)?

It was noticed in 2019 in India that UCaaS services have the potential to transform the business communications system and many marketing analysts observed that Unified Communications (UC) model’s collaboration capability tremendously enhances the SME’s and Startup productivity. Now it’s a time to look into the year 2020 to see the trends in the market and know the reason why businesses are adopting it:

Team Collaboration: Unified communications have digital abilities that allow companies to deliver the best services externally and internally. It’s team collaboration features enhance the performance of the employee and management. It helps users to coordinate with the teammates and clients to resolve the business challenges create individual work space then have workflows and data added to it. Collaboration also helps to maintain and manage the workflow through open communication and coordination among concerned individuals and teams.

Video or Audio for more than just conferencing: Another feature called video conferencing has increased collaboration up to 25% while Audio conferencing has increased up to 37% at the beginning of 2019. It enables two users to communicate through video or audio conferences to share the information. It is very useful for both domestic and international clients that show your professionalism and increase business productivity.

Application and workflow integration: UCaaS solutions have enhanced the option for business process integration that has improved customer services and streamlined the organisation’s workflow. It’s reporting and call management features are popular among the users. It allows SMEs to access to the information that enables them to gain a competitive edge and help them to make better decisions.

UCaaS and Security Role: If you are concerned about the cyber threat, don’t worry UCaaS security strategy includes audits, mandated use of encryption, monitoring, penetration testing, patching, and firewalls or application gateways capable of recognising UCC traffic and protecting against attacks.

Unified communications become cloud-first: As per my research study, 67% of companies have adopted Cloud UCaaS for their business. SMEs and startups are leaning to host UCaaS providers as they are providing cost-effective services that are quite flexible for customers.

I know the above give trends are “talk of the organisations” and gaining more popularity day by day. So, its better to choose UCaaS Solution to accelerate the productivity of those users who are using unified communications for their business.

Source: Medium.com

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