How did the Cloud Telephony System Begin?

Before I begin with the cloud telephony system, I would like to start with the “telephone” which was invented by “Alexander Bell” a few decades ago. The telephone device is used to transfer sound and electrical waves from one phone system to another. The telephone has two major parts called a microphone and speaker. In the beginning, some phone system requires a telephone operator that connects calls between users. Slowly, but it became popular and people used the telephone for business purposes to communicate with the customers to increase business productivity.

As Technology transform, so does the telephony system. Now, these days Cloud telephony is getting popularity in the business world. Many marketing analysts believe that cloud telephony solutions are the new face of the telephone system. It’s a wonderful opportunity for small and startup businesses to adopt cloud telephony services for lead generation and customer engagement. But you need to understand the concept of cloud telephony.

The Cloud Telephony requires a business communications app that was managed and hosted by service providers. It requires servers, switching, routing systems, SIP trunk, etc. to manage all types of inbound and outbound calls. It’s the best option to replace a traditional PBX system. Cloud-based business PBX system gives you entire business call-related insights into one app that allows enterprises to monitor calls more easily and effectively…Read more; Source:

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