Facts About Unified Communications & Collaboration

The term Unified Communications (UC) is a group of technical communication tools that help enterprise’s management and employees to collaborate and effectively exchange ideas. It’s not necessarily that unified communications and collaboration is a single product. Rather unified communications is a set of products that gives a unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and media types.

The scope of unified communication is vast and its interactive system has multiple features. With the help of unified communications and collaboration applications, users can access real-time unified messaging that includes emails/voice emails, audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, fax and so on. UC solution is a perfect match for marketing when it’s a matter of business ROI. However, many marketing experts are hoping that between 2019-2026, private companies, especially SMBs and startups are going to adopt this technology.

An ideal UC application smooths the business workflow between the management, employees, and the customers that saves both time & money. Its application provides various communication methods within the business to support multiple tasks from back-end and front-end to facilitate users:

Front-End Features:

  • Facilitates voice/video calls or voice/video conferencing
  • Text application for Instant SMS and chat

Read More; Source: https://medium.com/@clouddigital2019/facts-about-unified-communications-collaboration-c1de24e77645

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