Why Choose Virtual Phone System For Startups Businesses?

After technological advancement, the business world is becoming a more competitive place for SMBs. As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time, money and effort in business to fulfill your business desires. If a small and medium business wants to achieve more success in business, it is important to choose the right technology at the right time. However, It is necessary to provide excellent customer support but it depends upon the business communications system. If SMBs want to make a difference from day one, they can choose the best virtual phone system for the business which is similar to other telecommunication systems.

But before adopting a virtual PBX system, you should know its true meaning and how it can be useful for your business. Because of its name, enterprises believe that it is very expensive, but they are not. Let’s understands its meaning:

Virtual Phone System

A virtual business PBX system is cloud-based technology via which private enterprises manage and control their inbound and outbound calls, just like a traditional PBX system but virtual PBX doesn’t require any phone line. It allows enterprises to add, edit and remove team members as per business requirements. The main difference is that things are controlled on the cloud server, so there is no need to install hardware at the office location.

It plays a vital role in business growth, majorly focuses on the sales and marketing department of the enterprises. SMBs may not have realized that their quick response to customers could convert them into leads. Its outstanding features provide work flexibility to the SMBs that make the virtual phone more suitable for business productivity. To know more about the features which can help business, Let’s read:

Features of Virtual PBX Phone System
Call Transfer: Its call transfer feature allows users to transfer a connected call to another extension from your cloud phone system to a team member. Connect calls seamlessly.

Call Conference: PBX on Cloud allows users to call team members and add a third person to participate in the two-way call. Both audio and video conferencing features makes call conference more valuable.

Call Queuing: Busy in attending to other customers? A call queue feature helps companies to places incoming calls in line to be answered while users are busy with other calls.

Call Barring: This feature enables SMBs to stop receiving calls allows stopping someone from making calls from their cloud phones.

Call Forwarding: It allows users to forward or redirect incoming calls to any alternative virtual phone number to remain reachable to the clients.

Team Collaboration (Manage Team): Its collaboration feature emphasizes teamwork and enables users to manage calls in one place and tackle business challenges while away from the office.

Click-to-Call: It allow companies to strategically place on their websites an instant calling widget that allows their visitors to rapidly get in contact. Click to Call solutions considerably boost conversions and offer elevated ROI by enabling clients to connect immediately, at no additional price.

Call Recording: SMBs can record every incoming and outgoing call and monitor the employee’s performance. It helps companies to understand customers and improve with pitches, solving queries or more.

Voice Mail: The user receives voicemail when the person is unavailable or busy with another conversation so the caller can send a voice message to an email associated with your business.

Call Analytics: This feature allows SMBs to analyze the performance of team members for all types of calls such as missed calls, dialed calls and received calls. It is always great to audit performance through relevant data of a company.

On Hold Music: It allows users to engage with custom on-hold music! Which means that the call is not terminated, but until the grip is removed, non verbal communication is possible.

In my opinion, every organization has to face business challenges while attending new clients or retaining old clients. If businesses are losing clients because of your business communication system i.e traditional PBX system, it means you need to upgrade your communication system with the user-friendly especially virtual phone system for startups.

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