Why Cloud Technology Is Important For Business Growth?

If we talk about cloud technology, it has evolved into a various range of solutions. It ensures you that all business needs are covered after your adoption. But, before that, it is important to understand the meaning of Cloud Technology. The word “cloud” known as Internet-based computing. Hence, “cloud technology” is a type of technology-aided by the Internet. So, the cloud technology means a virtual space that exists over the Internet or on the cloud for storing, accessing and sharing data without using any hardware.

How does it work?

Cloud Technology allows users to use their virtual space to share information and applications through a network. It also enables users to edit documents simultaneously with other users and download files on any smartphones, tablets, and laptops that make their social life more digitalized.

Basically, cloud technology is divided into two ways i.e based on the deployment model and on a service basis. Here we classify cloud as:

Based On Deployment Model

1) Public    2) Private    3) Hybrid    4) Community Cloud

Based On Service

1) IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-Service)  2) PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service) 3) SaaS (Software-as-a Service)

There are some important benefits of Cloud Technology such as no limitation of storage capacity, better scalability facility to the business whenever it is required, disaster recovery solution in a cost-effective manner and enhance collaboration possibilities.

The above points give you a brief detail about cloud technology. It’s only a small part of the Internet, not the whole thing. Let’s discuss another benefit of Cloud technology that enhances SME’s sales and productivity.

After the evolution of cloud technology, Telecom industry transformed their services to deliver cloud-based communication system or automated telephone services to the users to reduce business expenses. Here are some different types of cloud-based communication services:

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS): It’s another form of service which is based on cloud to provide unified communication and collaboration services to the enterprises across multiple channels and devices similar to PaaS. It is very popular for business flexibility and scalability. UCaas has many features such as instant messaging, Online meeting through video conferencing that support team collaboration. It significantly improves the employee’s productivity which is very useful for business.

Cloud PBX on Mobile: When you installed these kinds of application based on your business requirements, you will receive calls and make calls through dedicated extension number whether you are traveling or on parental leave. It allows you to answer your PBX calls at any time from anywhere. Suppose, if you missed any PBX call, the voicemail will give you notification of missed call that makes cloud PBX on mobile far better than cell phones.

While cloud PBX and hosted PBX is slightly different. The key difference is that hosted PBX service is referred to as the provider who runs the physical cloud server from a separate location. The provider needs to manage all hardware equipment.  Otherwise, all feature remains the same.

Click 2 Call: Click-to-Call is one of the popular features of cloud-based communication which also known as Click-for-Talk or Click-to-dial. It enables you to make calls to the customers at the speed of thought. You just need to install a widget on the business website so that the user can dial your number. Therefore, it’s the fastest way to contact an agent without dialing their number from the phone which saves the user time, give a better experience and improves the conversion rate of the enterprise.

Recently, cloud technology has gained popularity and it is expected that the period 2019-2024 is conducive for SMEs business to reduce their CAPEX. Cloud Technology (Cloud Computing) is crucial for all types of business whether you are Startups, SMEs or an established brand. It services eliminate your business load.

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