Why Cloud Telephony Services is Trending in 2019?

As the business environment changes, so the technology. Similarly, It seems Cloud Telephony Services has gained more popularity in 2019 and adopted by many SMEs or SMBs. Basically, people are aware of the old telephony concept but after technological innovation in the Indian market, many businesses show their willingness to accept it. As per the research, the cloud telephony market is estimated to grow rapidly during the period of 2019-2023.

Cloud Telephony Chosen By SMEs

SMEs know the importance of cloud telephony technology and realizes its benefits such as IVR, virtual number, call data analytics, unlimited minutes, call recording facility and so on. Indian entrepreneurs are showing their interest at an early stage of their business. They can easily adapt to cloud telephony services without having any infrastructural or technical assistance.

Here are some factors of cloud telephony technology due to which cloud telephony getting popularity in 2019:

Low In Cost: By adopting Cloud telephony technology, organizations can reduce their costs and manage their communication system without quality compromise. Therefore, through cloud telephony services users can make effective communication with their clients and run their marketing campaigns successfully.

Enhanced Productivity: Cloud telephony has virtual call responsive feature, through which SMEs won’t miss calls of clients. It will make you connect with your clients from anywhere at any time. Hence, when clients impress with your services, it will affect business productivity.

Empower Your Brand Image: With the help of automated communication service, your clients recognize you as a professional organization. Effective call management support and high-quality services enhance your client’s trust. Therefore, it will boost your brand name in local areas and globally.

Scalability: Naturally, every organization wants to grow their business and make their market presence more effective so that they can attract more clients. The cloud telephony services for business is a perfect choice because it allows businesses to add unlimited users extensions when your business is growing.

Integration: Cloud telephony provides support to CRM integration features with Google spreadsheet and other applications to access your customer information. It allows users to connect with their clients whenever is required.

Call Data Analytics: Through Cloud telephony services you can track down every client’s information and your employee’s performance. It provides information such as the volume of calls, missed calls, average call time, cost per call and so on. Therefore, SMEs can identify weakness areas so that they can plan their strategy and execute them in the right direction.

Conclusion: It’s hard to find the correct solution to improve business communication. But cloud telephony services for business is a convenient way to reduce all communication issues and enhance the enterprise’s growth. In 2019, cloud telephony is one of the big things for all SMEs or SMBs to invest and make full use of it.

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