Unified Communications Prompting Features For SMEs

As we know, the business communication system has transformed from a traditional communication system, i.e way to make and receive phone calls. Many startups or small enterprise believes that unified communication systems are very expensive and it belongs to only large organizations, but it is a myth and traditional communication systems are much costlier. The emergence of technological advancement helped all kinds of enterprises, adopt the new telephony technology and accelerate their business growth. 

What Is Unified Communication?

Unified communication (UCaaS) is a set of technical communication tool that provides a platform from where users can exchange their words from anywhere, anytime, in an efficient and effective way. Unified communication systems have enough powerful qualities through which SMEs can improve their productivity strength and achieve marketing goals.

For many enterprises, especially SMEs, such solutions have become a valuable cost-saving resource and provide excellent scalability along with numerous business benefits. With the help of UC, employer and employees can be able to work more effectively, enhanced better collaboration from different departments.

Features of Unified Communication (UC)

UC is designed in such a way that it centralized all communication system in a hub that makes telecommunication more easy and effective. Here we have mentioned some useful features of unified communication system for SMEs in India:

Mobility Feature: Through the mobility feature, the user can make and receive calls by login into their account and dial the extension number. They can stay connected with each other.

Audio Conference: UCaaS Systems allows sound to be sent and received while hosting employers and employees conference calls.

Video/Web Conference: With the help of Video conferencing, users are capable enough in making video and audio calls in real-time, for the purpose of communication and collaboration simultaneously.

Instant Messaging: UC has the ability of instant messaging through which employees can send or receive messages, similar to online chat.

Faxing: With the help of a faxing facility, users can send online faxes from mobile phones rather than using a dedicated fax machine.

Voice Mail: Voice mail allows users to record, select and deliver voice mail information to a relevant email address or a person.

Using cloud-based unified communication system, make your enterprise’s internal communication much easier for all employees. UC simplify daily activities, reduce cost and save time for enterprises which enhance more productivity. Maybe this is the reason for all SMEs progress.

One thought on “Unified Communications Prompting Features For SMEs

  1. James L

    Firstly, thank you for following my blog. You are awesome 😊

    Regarding your post we have unified communication systems in place so well its actually unusual to make a call on telephone landlines.

    It’s really helping with productivity and bringing regional teams together.


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